DIY is My Passion

Diy is what this site is all about.  How to cook, create, be artsy, crafty, and above all recycle what others throw away.

I am passionate about DIY, and can teach you how to create gifts, great food, and an income if that is your desire.

I will show you how to obtain free supplies, cheap supplies, and how to create your own supplies.

I am a gardener, artist, author, chef, crafter, sculptor, wife, mother, grandmother, and believer that God gave us all gifts to share!

Join me in a journey to make recycling beautiful.

When I craft I am always looking for ways to recycle and up use items in my home, garden, garage, neighborhood, and local businesses. You would be surprised how many items you need for crafting you can get as cast offs from those who would otherwise throw them away without a thought about the environment or the value!

Everything that can be converted into a usable item has value. That is my mantra.

I use plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes, milk cartons, cardboard boxes, glass bottles and jar and the list goes on and on.  I am not only a crafter I am an artist, gardener, and chef. I plan to pass on cost effective recipes, crafts, and gifts. Then I will show you how to make an income or at the very least reduce the money you are currently spending.



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