Life is Full of Color!

I love spring. It is probably my favorite season. Everything smells fresh and clean. It is almost as if God blows his sweet breath over the world and renews it!

The weather has not cooperated for me to plant my garden yet. Maybe in two weeks. Which I have been saying for the past two weeks.

I have written another easy reading short story that is available on Amazon. Great for all ages.  I am currently working on my first full length novel.  I am being very strict about my writing time. I have goals, and so far am keeping or exceeding them. I think when writing, especially a novel, one has to set realistic, BUT goals with reach. Currently I am writing no less than 15 pages a day. I think that is realistic.  I will be blogging how I go about writing, revisiting, and revamping what I write in an upcoming blog.

In the meantime, arts, crafts, gardening, and loving my husband, critters, and life take up my day.

Be Blessed! And thanks for reading.



Just getting started

I love  recycling, making things with my hands and working in my garden. I am an avid home chef, gardener, artist and DYI crafter focusing on using other people’s throw aways.

I love creating gifts for friends and family as well as saving loads of money by finding the best deals, including FREE!

Join me each day for new and fun projects.  I will have a You Tube channel up soon! Visit me there as well.


Merry Christmas to all who Celebrate

This is a glorious time of year, and I love creating new easy crafts that make excellent and reasonable gifts.

As I am just starting this website please be patient as I learn Word Press and continue to blog.  I will be uploading videos soon!

Be Blessed


Light the World!

I create lights out of used wine bottles, glass jars and other “throw aways”.  Not only do these make lovely accent pieces for my own home, they make inexpensive and always remembered gifts.

The process is simple.  For the large wine bottle I simply followed these steps:

  1. Wash the bottle well
  2. Soak the bottle in Oxyclean liquid to release the label, peal the label and wash the outside of the bottle
  3. Using a diamond glass bit under running water, bore a hole about 1/2 to 1 inch from the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Sand the inside of that hole with fine sandpaper to remove any sharp or rough edges.
  5. Paint the bottle with faux stained glass paint
  6. Let it dry overnight.
  7. Add small battery powered Christmas type lights or plug in lights.
  8. ENJOY!

DIY is My Passion

Diy is what this site is all about.  How to cook, create, be artsy, crafty, and above all recycle what others throw away.

I am passionate about DIY, and can teach you how to create gifts, great food, and an income if that is your desire.

I will show you how to obtain free supplies, cheap supplies, and how to create your own supplies.

I am a gardener, artist, author, chef, crafter, sculptor, wife, mother, grandmother, and believer that God gave us all gifts to share!

Join me in a journey to make recycling beautiful.

When I craft I am always looking for ways to recycle and up use items in my home, garden, garage, neighborhood, and local businesses. You would be surprised how many items you need for crafting you can get as cast offs from those who would otherwise throw them away without a thought about the environment or the value!

Everything that can be converted into a usable item has value. That is my mantra.

I use plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes, milk cartons, cardboard boxes, glass bottles and jar and the list goes on and on.  I am not only a crafter I am an artist, gardener, and chef. I plan to pass on cost effective recipes, crafts, and gifts. Then I will show you how to make an income or at the very least reduce the money you are currently spending.


Welcome to my page!

I love everything crafting, gardening, cooking, and art.  I love the out of doors and I love creating healthy and economical recipes to share. I am a writer, blogger, photographer, artist, sculptor, DYI enthusiast and more!

I hope you enjoy my pages and look for me on You Tube soon!


Art abounds in all areas of life!

I love to garden and this is a small haul on day last spring / summer.  My garden provides me with so many things.  Food, still life material, lemon for cleaning, greens for my many parrots and other birds, and so much more!

Gardening does not have to be done on a farm or in a large area. I am gardening at my studio where I put in 3 raised beds and a DIY  green house.  I will upload information about raised beds and the green house in future posts.